Fever/Dream is a topsy-turvy look at the bizarre dynamics of the corporate world, fueled by a fine, high-energy cast.
— Life With More Cowbell

Fever/Dream (2015)

Written by: Sheila Callaghan

The show is a stylized satire of your corporate workplace. After being trapped in customer service for 23 years, Segis finds himself in charge of a billion dollar company. But will he lead a revolution, or is this all a dream?

Fever/Dream took place at the Jumblies Theatre: Ground Floor (132 Fort York Blvd). Two blocks East of Bathurst on Fort York Blvd.

The Buzz

[Callaghan has] a keen eye for the outlandish.  Exudes the kind of infectious zaniness that occasionally attracts cult followings.” -Variety  

A PIZZAZZ-FILLED CONCOCTION THAT SKEWERS CORPORATISM WITH A GENEROUS SUPPLY SIDE OF LAUGHS. [Callaghan] is without doubt the purveyor of top-shelf American wit." - Metro weekly

The Dream Cast:

Segis: Trevor Ketcheson 

Rose: Olivia Orton

Claire: Alexandra Simpson

Aston: Peter Jarvis

Stella: Geneviève Trottier

Fred Clotaldo: Dylan Mawson

Bill Basil: Mladen Obradović

Chorus 1: Karina Bradfield

Chorus 2: Zenna Davis-Jones 

Chorus 3: Courtney Keir

The Dream Team:

Director: Will King 

Assistant Director: Madryn McCabe

Associate Producer: Kai Barker

Lighting and Sound Designer: Parker Nowlan

Set Designer: Stephen King

Stage Manager: Jocelyn Levadoux

Production Manager: Breanna Maloney

Fight Choreography: Annemieke Wade

Props and Costume: Kate McArthur

Choreography: Rosslyn King