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project announcement 


We are thrilled to announce four fantastic new plays in development with Seven Siblings Theatre. Over the next six months these playwrights and their teams will participate in six development sessions with a focus on Writing, Imaginative Building Blocks, Dramaturgy, Clarity, Character, Atmosphere, Relationship, Staging, and an introduction to The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. Their selected collectives will also rehearse independently between sessions to bring their work to life.  

This October, all pieces will be staged at the inaugural Future Theatre Festival.

(Venue and performance dates are now here!)

Take a look at our incredible playwrights, their new projects, and the teams they're beginning to build them with!


New World by Genevieve Adam

New World tells two parallel stories simultaneously: of a father in 17th century London preparing to sail for North America, and of a 21st century daughter on the eve of her departure to colonize Mars. Each character faces the opposition of their respective child/parent. Each of them believe their society is broken and must be abandoned. Each of them are running from their pasts towards a new world. Through contrasting the two time periods, the play explores ideas about religion, community, responsibility, and the delicate, hilarious, heart-breaking complexities of the father/daughter relationship. 



Tactile Maladies by Nawi Moreno-Valverde

A historian invites us into a quarantined Venetian home during a plague. The patriarch is dying and all the heirs are women. As Europe’s social order becomes increasingly conflicted with the rise of capitalism, medical knowledge, and witchcraft, so does the home of the average barber-surgeon. In this house we’ll overhear and observe physician witches, incestuous lesbian love, unusual births and cross-dressing plots all committed or caused by a love of knowledge.


Becky Tanton Headshot.jpg

this place. by Becky Tanton

this place. follows Leah, a recent widow, as she is haunted by the very tangible ghost of her late husband as she tries to move on.  Is he a memory, a manifestation, or just the mania of experiencing loss? Virtually trapped inside her own apartment, surrounded by their life and struggles, and a deep secret, Leah struggles to come to terms with her own mourning, asking questions that everyone struggles with. What is the right way to move on? Is it okay to remember? Who are we when we are alone?


Our first session kicks off this Saturday (May 27), with lessons by Aaron Jan, Rosamund Small, Paula Wing, and Will King. We will be discussing our ideal "Theatre of the Future," forming ensemble, and starting to dive into the world of these plays.

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