The Future Theatre Festival

oct 19 to 29

At the Attic Arts Hub 

Seven Siblings Theatre is thrilled to present three fantastic new Canadian plays in our Future Theatre Festival. These playwrights and their teams have participated in six development sessions with a focus on Writing, Imaginative Building Blocks, Dramaturgy, Clarity, Character, Atmosphere, Relationship, Staging, and an introduction to The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. Their selected collectives have also rehearsed independently between sessions to bring their work to life.  

In addition to our three full stage productions, we are also offering an introductory workshop in the Michael Chekhov Technique, a staged reading of a new play by Artistic Director Will King, and our annual Halloween party will close the festival.

Take a look at our plays, our programming, and the teams involved in the festival!

The shows

New World

by Genevieve Adam

Tactile Maladies

by Nawi Moreno-Valverde

"this place."

by Becky Tanton

new world.jpg

New World tells two parallel stories simultaneously: of a father in 17th century London preparing to sail to North America, and of a 21st century daughter departing to colonize Mars. Each character faces the opposition of their respective child/parent.  Each of them believe their society is broken and must be abandoned. Each of them are running from their pasts toward a new world.

tactile skeleton.jpg

A historian invites us into a quarantined home during a plague. The group of women that make up the household all attempt to use the quarantine to their advantage: maintain power over the family barber-surgeon shop via cross dressing and (early) modern science; hide a pregnancy; seduce the favourite cousin. Any character that offers to make clarity of the chaos will be killed, exiled, or will leave us without any answers.

this place square.jpg

Leah is being haunted by the ghost of her dead husband. Mark never leaves her as she wrestles with her guilt, her sanity, and her hatred of a painting her left on their wall. Dark, tumultuous and avante-garde, “this place.” is an exploration of loss and conscience.




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Future Theatre Festival Pass

Our All-Access Pass and Industry All-Access Pass will get you in to one performance of each show and entry to all festival programming, including our reading, workshop, and Closing Night & Halloween party. 

*Industry Pass holders MUST show proof of working as a professional artist or member of the entertainment industry when they check in at the festival box-office.

If you would like to attend the Michael Chekhov 101 workshop, please RSVP to


Michael Chekhov 101 (A Workshop)

Oct 22nd from 1-6pm

From The Water (A Staged Reading)

Oct 24th at 8pm

from the water copy.jpg

Closing Night Gala and Halloween Party

Oct 29th at 9pm

1 (3) b+w.jpg

Seven Siblings Theatre is hosting a Michael Chekhov Acting Technique 101 workshop!  Exercises will include atmosphere, character body, archetypes, and a focus on the four brothers.

Attendance to the workshop is free with an all-access pass, or participants can pay the one-time class fee of $25. To attend the workshop, you must RSVP with the subject line “Chekhov 101” to

Join us for a staged reading of a never before seen new play by Seven Siblings Theatre Artistic Director, Will King.

The play, currently titled “From the Sea” is a domestic narrative between mother and son that explores the power of clones in a supernatural crisis.

Admission is free with an All-Access pass, or $10 at the door.

On October 29, we will host a Closing Night and Halloween Party! Come in your best costume for a chance at Best Individual Costume, Best Couple and Best Group. There will be prizes, dancing, candy and the opportunity to meet the participants of the Future Theatre Festival!

Admission is free with an All-Access pass, or $10 at the door


Independent Theatre in Toronto has never been more difficult. With the rising rental costs in Toronto, most indie artists struggle to get a single project off the ground. Seven Siblings is taking a leap of faith and laying everything on the line to support three new shows, and give opportunity for our peers to grow. We believe that success requires risk, and we need your help to make the Theatre of the Future a reality.

Your contribution will help the next generation of Canadian playwrights have a performance outlet for their work, ensuring that innovation and evolution are part of the landscape of Canadian theatre.

If you are able, please consider making a donation to our indiegogo campaign here.


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  • Signed posters
  • and even dinner with the Seven Siblings creative team!

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