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From the Water

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From the Water

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FRom the Water

Written by Will King

dec 12-16 2018

at the tarragon extraspace



From the Water is a domestic drama in a supernatural crisis. Millions of people are disappearing, civilization is moving underground, and the downfalls keep coming. Alex wants to stay, Peter wants to fight, Ava wants closure, and the Numbers are preparing for extinction. This grounded science fiction thriller uses creatures and clones to define what it means to be human, and explores the strength it takes to fight against an unstoppable force. 


Anna Silvija Broks as Alex 
Select Theatre Credits: Lunenburg, Sunshine Express, The Long Weekend, (Globus Theatre Inc.), Senior’s Greetings (Thames Theatre), The Queen of Kincardine (Bluewater Summer Playhouse), I Stubbed My Mistletoe, Wally’s Café (Acorn Theatre).

Hilary Wirachowsky as Ava
Select Theatre Credits: All of Me (Theatre Insomnia/Toronto Fringe), The Abigail (The 9th Collective), Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Illiad (Humber Theatre).

Shawn Lall as Doctor/1277X
Select theatre credits: Carmilla (Pointed Cap Playhouse), On the Rocks (Small but Mighty), Titus Andronicus (Hart House Theatre), Omnium Gatherum (Theatre By Committee). 

Will King as Peter
Select Theatre Credits: The Play About the Baby, Picasso at the Lapin Agile (Seven Siblings Theatre), Frankenstein (Echo Productions), Hamlet (Unit 102 Actors Co.), Aladdin (Globus Theatre Inc.), Twelfth Night (Hart House Theatre).


Director: Erik Helle
Stage Manager: Giulia D’amanzo
Playwright: Will King
Lighting Design: Chin Palipane
Set Designer: Stephen King
Producer: Madryn McCabe


All performances were held at the Tarragon Extraspace, which is located at 30 Bridgman Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1X3.

SHOW WARNINGS: Violence, strong language, gunshots, haze, and e-cigarettes





Played May 24 - Jun 3, 2018 at the b current studio theatre

By Bryony Lavery

frozen banner.jpg


A form-defying drama that intertwines the lives of a serial killer, a mother searching for her missing child, and an American academic digging deep into the criminal mind. Thorny, humane, and provocative, Frozen explores our desire for vindication and capacity for forgiveness, after an act that would seem to rule them out entirely.


Buzz for the Play

"…[a] fine play…so concentrated and unflinching that at times it takes your breath away." —Observer (London).

"A major play…thrilling, humane and timely."—Times (London).

"Consistently surprising and even bravely comic…The almost thriller-like promise of the play's climactic confrontation is like a time-bomb ticking in the back of your head." —Independent (London).

Tony Award Nominee for Best Play in 2004.

Buzz for our Production

"Frozen is a poignant, disturbing play and well-worth your focused attention". - Mooney On Theatre

"Will King’s staging is straightforward, placing the emphasis almost entirely on the performers, all three of whom do a nice job of maintaining the tough emotional focus of the play." - My Entertainment World

"Cerebral, visceral and spiritual, it’s a challenging piece for the ensemble, to say the least—and this cast rises to the occasion with layered, nuanced and compelling performances." - life with more cowbell


Nancy McAlear as Nancy /// A Christmas Carol, Hello Dolly! (Citadel Theatre), Frankenstein**(Catalyst / CanStage / Persephone / Theatre Calgary / The Cultch / Yukon Arts / Keyano) Murderers Confess at Christmastime (Outside the March), Misery* (Theatre Network), The Soul Collector (Catalyst Theatre), The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Studio Theatre), Lobster Alice* (Atlas Theatre). /// **Winner, Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award (Actress in a supporting role) *Nominee, Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award (Actress in a leading role)

Madryn McCabe as Agnetha /// Recall, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Rhinoceros (Seven Siblings Theatre), Cousins of Corsica (Springworks Festival), Wyrd Sisters (Socratic Theatre Collective), Copy (Two Chips Theatre Group), A Funny Thing Happened… (Acorn Theatre). ///

Scott McCulloch as Ralph /// Titus Andronicus, The Play About the Baby (Seven Siblings Theatre), The Things We Do For Love, A Guy Named Joe (Odyssey Theatre), Loot (Bygone Theatre), The Trial of Judith K (Thought for Food), Richard II (Secret Shakespeare), Three Sisters (Wolf Manor Theatre Collective), Time Stands Still (Leroy Street Theatre). ///

*This production is engaged under a C.A.E.A. Artist Collective Policy.*

Director: Will King
Stage Manager: Chin Palipane
Dialect Coach: Margaret Hild
Live Sound Design: Will King
Lighting Design: Chin Palipane
Produced by: Madryn McCabe and Will King
Associate Produced by: Liz Whitbread


Future Theatre Festival

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Future Theatre Festival

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The Future Theatre Festival (2017)

At the Attic Arts Hub 

In  October 2017, Seven Siblings Theatre presented three new fantasy-fuelled Canadian plays in our Future Theatre Festival. These playwrights and their teams participated in six development sessions with a focus on Writing, Imaginative Building Blocks, Dramaturgy, Clarity, Character, Atmosphere, Relationship, Staging, and an introduction to The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. Their selected collectives also rehearsed independently between sessions to bring their work to life.  

In addition to our three full stage productions below, we also offered an introductory workshop in the Michael Chekhov Technique, a staged reading of a new play by Artistic Director Will King, and our annual Halloween party.

The shows

New World

by Genevieve Adam

Tactile Maladies

by Nawi Moreno-Valverde

"this place."

by Becky Tanton

new world.jpg

New World tells two parallel stories simultaneously: of a father in 17th century London preparing to sail to North America, and of a 21st century daughter departing to colonize Mars. Each character faces the opposition of their respective child/parent.  Each of them believe their society is broken and must be abandoned. Each of them are running from their pasts toward a new world.

tactile skeleton.jpg

A historian invites us into a quarantined home during a plague. The group of women that make up the household all attempt to use the quarantine to their advantage: maintain power over the family barber-surgeon shop via cross dressing and (early) modern science; hide a pregnancy; seduce the favourite cousin. Any character that offers to make clarity of the chaos will be killed, exiled, or will leave us without any answers.

this place square.jpg

Leah is being haunted by the ghost of her dead husband. Mark never leaves her as she wrestles with her guilt, her sanity, and her hatred of a painting her left on their wall. Dark, tumultuous and avante-garde, “this place.” is an exploration of loss and conscience.






RECALL (2017)

By Eliza Clark

The Story

Recall takes us to a grim, sci-fi world in which crimes might be prevented before they occur. Lucy makes people uncomfortable. There's something about her eyes. There's something about the way her mother's boyfriends keep disappearing. And there's something about the government agents on her trail. Radically imaginative and achingly plain, this razor-sharp thriller explores our need to feel connected, understood, and loved. No matter the damage, no matter the cost.

The Cast

Kyla Young as Lucy

Genevieve Adam* as Justine

Madryn McCabe as Charlotte 

Warren Kang as Quinn 

Luis Fernandes as David 

The Team

Written by Eliza Clark

Directed by Will King 

Assistant Directed by Erik Helle 

Fight Directed by Nate Bitton

Stage Managed by Chin Palipane

Lighting and Sound Design by Parker Nowlan 

Associate Produced by Nicole Nadeau 

*This production was engaged under a CAEA Artist Collective Policy.


The Play About The Baby

The Play About The Baby

The Play About the Baby (2017)

By Edward Albee


"Our reality is determined by our need." - Edward Albee

The Play About The Baby is one of Albee's most daring black comedies. It's funny, mysterious, intimate, and disturbing. This play concerns a young couple who have just had a baby, and the truly strange turn of events that transpire when they are visited by an older man and woman.


Director: Erika Downie

Stage Manager: Emma Miziolek

Producer: Madryn McCabe

Associate Producer: Will King


Boy: Will King

Girl: Nora Smith

Man: Scott McCulloch*

Woman: Judith Cockman*


*This production was engaged under a CAEA Artist Collective Policy.

marisol red feathers.jpg



Marisol (a staged reading)

By José Rivera

Performed at the Social Capital Theatre

Winner of the 1993 Obie Award, Marisol, a poetry-infused apocalyptic play, follows Marisol Perez as she navigates the war torn city that was New York. The angels have left to fight a war in heaven and all of Earth will suffer until the people rise up to join the fight. Rivera’s plea for compassion in a ravaged world, Marisol was described by the Village Voice as “angry, fearsome, fantastic, and poetically frenzied, without surrendering either its sanity or its mordant sense of humour.”

Marisol: Camila Diaz-Varela
Angel: Joella Crichton
Woman with Furs and Young Woman: Haley Garnett
June: Annie Mackay
Man with Golf Club, Lenny, Man with Ice Cream: Will King
Scar Tissue and Radio Announcer: Andrew Gaunce
Director: Em Piro
Dramaturg: Shelley Liebembuk
Narrator and Stage Manager: Joseph Zita
Producers: Madryn McCabe and Will King







Oct 27 to Nov 6th 2016 at The Citadel (304 Parliament) 

"Revenge it, as you love your mother's life,
Or be ye not henceforth called my children."


Titus Andronicus: Jamie Johnson

Lucius Andronicus: Margaret Hild

Martius Andronicus: Zachary Groombridge

Mutius Andronicus/Clown: Jeff Dingle

Quintus Andronicus: James Evans

Young Lucius Andronicus: Brendan Kinnon

Lavinia Andronicus: Dorcas Chiu 

Marcus Andronicus: Scott McCull0ch

Publius/Alarbus: Hayden Finkelshtain

Tamora: Kate Werneburg 

Demetrius: Reece Presley

Chiron: Dylan Brenton 

Aaron: Jordin Hall 

Saturninus: Kathleen Welch, Alice Lundy, & Chris Whidden 

Bassianus: Tamlynn Bryson & Brandon Nicoletti 

Aemilius/Messenger: Sarah Thorpe 

Nurse/goth: Lena Maripuu


Director: Will King

Puppet Master: Robin Polfuss

Producer: Madryn McCabe

Production Manager: Kate McArthur

Assistant Director: Erik Helle

Dramaturg: Susan Bond

Stage Manager: Julie Lee

Assistant Stage Manager: Kyle Kimmerly

Chekhov Coach: Erika Downie

Fight Choreography: Nate Bitton

Lighting/Sound Design: Parker Nowlan

Set Design: Stephen King

Props/Costume Designer: Julia Kim

Props/Costume Assistant: Leah MacRae


This production was engaged under a

CAEA Artist Collective Policy.





By Eugène ionesco. Adapted by derek prouse.

June 2nd to 5th. At The Rhino Bar & Grille (1249 Queen St W). 

"Its satirical humor, combined with its provocative theme and surprisingly moving ending, results in an evening that is strange, disturbing and arresting."

 - New York Post

Our Cast:

Berenger: Veronica Baron
Jean: Jim Armstrong
Daisy: John Lovett
Botard/Grocer's Wife: Andrew Gaunce
Dudard/Housewife: Erika Downie
Mr. Papillon/Grocer: Liz Bragg
Logician/Fireman: Madryn McCabe
Older Gentlemen/Old Woman: Amrit Kaur
Mrs. Beouf/Waitress
/Little Old Man: Mardi O’Conner

Our Team:

Directed by: Will King
Assistant Directed by: Erika Downie
Produced by: Madryn McCabe
Production Manager: Kate McArthur
Production Assistant: Steph Taylor
Stage Manager: Jocelyn Levadoux
Lighting Design: Parker Nowlan
Set Design: Stephen King
Front of House: Gwendolyn Hodgson


The Story:

Berenger must escape transformation as her city is threatened by a mysterious and quickly growing crash of rhinoceros.

The Show:

This show is produced as a part of THE RHINOCEROS PROJECT. A ten day intensive experiment that shatters gender confinements, demands a series of physical and conceptual challanges, and explosively imagines Ionesco's work for a contemporary audience.

Interview with Will King (Director of The Rhinoceros Project)

Picasso einstein space.jpg

Picasso at the Lapin Agile

Picasso at the Lapin Agile


By Steve Martin

Sparks fly as Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein debate the meaning of the universe and its inescapable ties with art in this surreal ensemble piece from the comic genius of Steve Martin.

"Very engaging... Martin sends ideas onstage in baggy pants, with a cigar... mix[ing] the sublime with the ridiculous [so] that they can't be easily disentangled... Very good fun." - The New York Times

"Steve Martin plays fast and loose with fact, fame and fortune as these two geniuses muse on the century’s achievements, as well as other fanciful topics with infectious dizziness. Flourishes of humanity and hilarity exist in the bars other patrons, including a late arrival by a dark haired stranger from another time.” - Chicago Critic

Our Cast

Freddy: Dylan Mawson

Gaston: Jamie Johnson


Director: Erika Downie

Stage Manager: Jocelyn Levadoux

Production Manager: Kate McArthur

Lighting Design: Parker Nowlan

Dialect Coach: Margaret Hild

Front of House: Gwendolyn Hodgson

Germaine: Madryn McCabe

Albert Einstein: Will King

Suzanne / The Countess / A female admirer: Erin Burley

Sagot: Erik Helle

Pablo Picasso: Dylan Evans

Charles Dabernow Schmendiman: Andrew Gaunce

A Visitor: Maxwell Lebeuf

"Picasso & Einstein walk into a bar..." - In Conversation with Will King & Dylan Evans of "Picasso at the Lapin Agile"

Interview by Ryan Quinn RQ: Tell me a little about the show itself and your production of it. WK: Steve Martin (the established comedian, actor, writer, banjo aficionado) has written a play that features a young Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein at the tipping point of their careers.

FeverDream banner1 facebook no text.jpg



Fever/Dream is a topsy-turvy look at the bizarre dynamics of the corporate world, fueled by a fine, high-energy cast.
— Life With More Cowbell

Fever/Dream (2015)

Written by: Sheila Callaghan

The show is a stylized satire of your corporate workplace. After being trapped in customer service for 23 years, Segis finds himself in charge of a billion dollar company. But will he lead a revolution, or is this all a dream?

Fever/Dream took place at the Jumblies Theatre: Ground Floor (132 Fort York Blvd). Two blocks East of Bathurst on Fort York Blvd.

The Buzz

[Callaghan has] a keen eye for the outlandish.  Exudes the kind of infectious zaniness that occasionally attracts cult followings.” -Variety  

A PIZZAZZ-FILLED CONCOCTION THAT SKEWERS CORPORATISM WITH A GENEROUS SUPPLY SIDE OF LAUGHS. [Callaghan] is without doubt the purveyor of top-shelf American wit." - Metro weekly

The Dream Cast:

Segis: Trevor Ketcheson 

Rose: Olivia Orton

Claire: Alexandra Simpson

Aston: Peter Jarvis

Stella: Geneviève Trottier

Fred Clotaldo: Dylan Mawson

Bill Basil: Mladen Obradović

Chorus 1: Karina Bradfield

Chorus 2: Zenna Davis-Jones 

Chorus 3: Courtney Keir

The Dream Team:

Director: Will King 

Assistant Director: Madryn McCabe

Associate Producer: Kai Barker

Lighting and Sound Designer: Parker Nowlan

Set Designer: Stephen King

Stage Manager: Jocelyn Levadoux

Production Manager: Breanna Maloney

Fight Choreography: Annemieke Wade

Props and Costume: Kate McArthur

Choreography: Rosslyn King


Mercury Fur

Mercury Fur

Our Cast:

Elliot: Cameron Laurie

Darren: Andrew Markowiak

Naz: Adrian Beattie

Lola: Eric Rich

Spinx: Mishka Thébaud

Duchess: Annemieke Wade

Party Piece: Kenneth Collins

Party Guest: D. Gingerich


Our Team:

Director: Will King

Assistant Director: Madryn McCabe

Lighting and Sound Design: Parker Nowlan

Stage Manager: Andreane Christiansen

Mercury Fur (2014)

by Philip Ridley

at Unit 102 Theatre (376 Dufferin St.)

Mercury Fur is set in a lawless city, where Elliot and his brother Darren survive by realizing their clients’ darkest fantasies.  This fast paced and heavy hitting drama exposes the line between hope and reality. As their history degrades, and their party spirals out of control, the two must find out what they would really do to save the person they love.

“The entire cast is fantastic. There’s not one weak link to be found, and each character does a great job of bringing this story to life.”
— Mooney on Theatre

Love Unbound

Love Unbound

Love unbound



Times are changing, and love is love. Juliet is celebrating her debut in society, and is proudly part of the Capulet tradition, when her world is turned upside down by Romeo – a lady and a Montague, who is fighting for her right to love who she loves. Struggling against all odds, Romeo and Juliet experience a love unbound and unconditional, and they will break all boundaries to be with one another.

Played June 6th, 7th, and 8th at 7:30PM in Jackman Acting Studio in Windsor, Ontario



Our Team:
Director: Erika Downie
Director of Choreography: Kyle Kimmerly
Technical Director & Stage Manager: Jocelyn Levadoux 


Romeo: Cassidy Hicks

Juliet: Robin Luckwaldt-Ross

Capulet: Billy Chandler

Lady Capulet: Vanessa Lancione

Tybalt: Mauro Meo

Petruchio/Cousin Capulet: Andrea Meister

Montague: Erika Downie

Benvolio: Keifer MacDonald

Abraham/Balthasar: Holly DeJoseph

Prince/Chorus/Apothecary: Damion Leclair

Mercutio: Brendan Kinnon

Paris/Gregory: Isaiah Kolundzic

Friar: Eric Branget

Nurse: Gwendolyn Hodgson

Poster Design: Rebecca Young