Our Mission:
Through our work we aim to deepen the actor’s psychophysical connection and tap into the distinct atmosphere of each play to produce a heightened and captivating performance for our audiences.

The Company:
Seven Siblings Theatre was born from the shared ideology of Will King, Erika Downie, and Madryn McCabe as they embraced the ideals and practices of Michael Chekhov.

Why are we called Seven Siblings? 
Chekhov’s 4 brothers (ease, form, beauty, and the whole) combined with the 3 sisters principle of inner movement (rising, falling, and balancing).

Michael Chekhov (1891-1955)
Nephew of famous playwright Anton Chekhov, Michael was introduced to the revolutionary work of Konstantin Stanislavski, Vsevolod Meyerhold, and Yevgeny Vakhtangov at an early age and quickly became one of their brightest pupils. Throughout his life Michael developed a technique which unlocks a psychophysical connection in the body, enriches the life of character through playing truthfully in imaginary circumstances, and (among many other skills) builds unity in ensemble.